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A few words about spices Pixabay
Spices and herbs are essential to every kitchen. They not only give color and taste to our favorite dishes, but also have a positive effect on our health and make sure the dishes we consume are better absorbed by the body. Find out if you really know how the most popular herbs and spices work.

There are many different cuisines in the world and they differ from one another in their own way. Some nationalities prefer spicy foods, other choose sweet dishes. There are also those that do not add condiments to dishes at all. Spices may appear in the form of fruits, roots, barks, or even minerals or liquids. Powdered vegetables and various mixtures are also known. Herbs, on the other hand, are leaves of plants that can be grown anywhere, including home gardens. If we want to distinguish herbs from spices, the former have a slightly milder taste, the latter - more intense.


Application - this spice is added to salads, pâtés, various soups, omelettes, mutton, Italian cuisine, fish or seafood. Improper use of this spice can spoil its taste. First of all, the leaves should be picked - avoid cutting with a knife. Basil should not be added simultaneously with other spices, as it is crucial to add them in the right order. This condiment should be used at the end of cooking.
Characteristics - acidy, rooty smell
Trivia - relieves stomach discomfort and bloating, accelerates digestion

Application - goes with almost every dish; it is often used for marinades, roasts and sauces; makes it easier to digest greasy soups; it also perfectly harmonizes with all kinds of  cheeses. Ground pepper should only be added at the end of cooking.
Characteristics - a sharp, burning smell
Trivia - it improves digestion and positively affect our body

There are about 10 types of pepper, including Cayenne, white pepper, black, pink, herbal, Sichuan and others. They differ not only in color, but also in taste and intensity of the fragrance. Black pepper is the sharpest, you can say that it tweaks your tongue. The white one has a milder taste and the green has a distinct herbal flavor. Another curiosity - white pepper is black pepper but without its shell.


Application - the spice is added to meat, vegetables, sauces, drinks and even chocolates. The important thing is to always remember that the sharpness of chilli depends on how much oil or fat you used during cooking. This seasoning is mainly used in Mexican cuisine.
Characteristics - fresh chilli has a distinct spiciness and sweetness, dried - fruity and raisiny sweetness
Trivia - it has anti-cancer properties and also improves metabolism and destroys cells responsible for heart disease.


Application - a spice used for sweet delicacies, such as cakes, fruit desserts, baked apples or pears. However, you can season meat dishes and sauces with it. In its taste and aroma it perfectly matches both sweet and spicy dishes.
Characteristics - sweet and spicy taste
Curiosity - warming properties. Cinnamon is the basis for many perfumes, it is considered the oldest spice in the world.


Application: Salt is used in every cuisine, because even a pinch added to dishes will make cooking easier and more enjoyable. A small amount poured into water with boiling eggs will prevent the shell from breaking. If you add a pinch to a chocolate cake you will enrich its taste. Combined with milk, it prolongs its freshness.
Action: The salt strengthens the taste of prepared  dishes.
Trivia: Like pepper, it comes in several versions. In the shops you can get salts such as: onion, garlic, dill, pearl, pepper, celery or herbal. Salt has a beneficial effect on our digestive system, but if consumed in excessive amounts, it can also be harmful.



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