When there is no water in the air

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When there is no water in the air
Dry air at home or in the office dries the skin and irritates the eyes. In those suffering from allergies, the allergy symptoms may increases in such conditions. It is, therefore, worth taking care of adequate humidity in the rooms, especially in winter, during the heating period.

The problem of dry air occurs when the content of water vapor in the air drops down. This is a very common phenomenon in autumn and winter, because the higher the temperature, the higher the humidity. The cold winter air is refreshing and bacteria-free but, unfortunately, it causes dehydration of the skin, drying of the nose and eyes.

A simple way to solve this problem is to hang wet towels on the radiators: when they dry, steam evaporates and humidifies the air. However, the wraps have to be replaced frequently, so it is quite a nuisance. You can also invest in electronic air humidification: it costs from from $10 to $1000. However, you must remember to clean it regularily and replace filters. It is also important that the room temperature does not exceed 21 ° - in humid and warm air bacteria grows rapidly.

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