Videos and photos in an articles

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Videos and photos in an articles


You can add a movie to an article either as main material (as in this article), or in the content (an example in this article).


Main material

If the video is to be displayed as main material, add it through the button marked below:

A video may be uploaded from your disc or pasted from YouTube:

If you wish for a video to be displayed in video gallery on the main page, select the Show material in the main page "Video Gallery" widget  option:


Video in the content of the article

If the video is to be displaied in the article, add it through this button:

You may also embed a movie with the use of the icon marked below:



You can add photos to articles in the content section (see example), add them to articles as photos visible in just this article (an example can be found here), or upload a photo gallery (like in here).


Photos in content

Photos can be added with the use of the picture icon:


When a new window appears, click on the Browse button


Then click Send and upload a picture from you computer. Next, double-click the uploaded image.


Photos visible in just one article

If you want for the photos to appear only in this article, upload them via Photos visible only in this article option:

If you want for photos that have been added to the article to be visible in the "Photo Gallery" widget on main page, select the Create gallery option in the article edition mode, and then, select the Show gallery in the "Photo Gallery" widget on mian page in the settings section for a newly created photo gallery.

Attention! In the Settings module in the Display section, you may change the display options for photo galleries. The system offers 3 different gallery display options.


Adding a photo gallery to an article

If you want to add a photo gallery that already exists, choose the Upload an existing video gallery option


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